Patient Testimonials

icon-patient   Testimonial #1

Dr Javadi is a brilliant and amazing physician. Dr. Javadi performed quintruple bupass on me and I am glade I did not transfer myself to northwestern for my surgery. He was by my bed till I went home. He is the best thing ever happened to Vista health care as I was worried about my care at the hospital itself. My dad who happens to be a physician and has practiced medicine all over the world says Dr. Javadi the best in his field

icon-patient   Testimonial #2

Dr. Javadi performed a caratoid endarectomy on my father at VISTA hospital. The surgery itself went very well, however, within the six hour critical window my father started to exhibit oddities and symptoms of stroke. Dr. Javadi was in the room with us advising nurses and running tests as soon as my father started to experience difficulties. He then called his team together again to do a secondary surgery to remove a blockage they found. This surgery was also succesful. Dr. Javadi stayed with us at the hospital from 8 in the morning until well into the late evening hours to monitor my father. He was by our side through the entire process and kept us informed on everything going on. Without his expertise and swift thinking I do not think my father would have survived the night. Thanks to Dr. Javadi my father is very well and still with us. He did a remarkable job in taking care of my father as well as our family.

icon-patient   Testimonial #3

Dr Javadi is a brilliant and amazing man! We were so fortunate that my brother was transferred from the VA to Vista Health Systems in Waukegan, where Dr Javadi and his team performed a quintruple bypass on him. It is a tribute to Dr Javadi’s knowledge and skill and the wonderful care he received from the staff that his surgery and recovery were so successful! We, as a family were so impressed with Vista Health Systems!